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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back to work

The two day break is over... duty calls! I'd say it went so fast... but everyday does. I have alot to do today...bake, bake, bake and it is supposed to be unseasonably warm... why is it that we are never happy? A few weeks ago we were unhappy because the weather was awful... now it's too warm! ( Although it IS too warm for early April!!!) The trick is to find the good in every situation and spend less ( or no...) time dwelling on the negative... I am a positive person by nature, and feel that negativity is a waste of time and energy. Deal with problems, find solutions, move on... Spend your time and energy accomplishing instead of complaining! So the good here is that our business is successful and our customers wanted our food on a major holiday, to help them celebrate ... nothing to complain about there!!!! It really is nice to know we were a part of so many Easter dinners!....But I am only human...and it's going to be HOT in the kitchen!.... not dwelling...just saying!

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