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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Candy, Candy, Candy

I put the summer candy order in yesterday. I have so many interests and so many different stores that I would like to own, but the reality is that it's a ton of work, I'm a control freak who is not big on delegating, and there are, in fact, only so many hours in a day! So, my solution to this has been to "dabble" in all of the things that interest me. Now the trick to that is to make the "dabbles" awesome. We carry all kinds of amazing Halloween, Christmas and Easter collectible in the gift shop(I love the holidays...) ...great things for the kitchen( that one is obvious...) all kinds of cool stuff for your garden...but I only carry the best stuff & move things around all the time. As much as I'd love to have a garden shop, in a separate building, that is not an option. So I create my shop on a small scale filled with great pieces and then replace it with my Halloween shop at the end of the summer. Now, downstairs, I indulge my desire to own a gourmet market and an old-fashioned candy store, just on a small scale. We carry jams, mustards, grill sauces, dips, bread mixes etc. Only the best will do! Then we have the candy "shop". Now for the holidays this area is easy! If you are looking for the very best (and cutest) treats for ghosts & goblins, stockings or Easter baskets...come see us! The summer months can be a different story... so I went retro! We have skybars and mallow cups...pixy stix and candy buttons...wax bottles and wax lips...bottle caps and cow tales...just to name a few!!! Who needs a WHOLE candy store? Eat your heart out Willy Wonka!!! I can't wait for the order next week!

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