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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Corny, but true!

I decided to do some re-arranging upstairs in the gift shop today. We have some great,new merchandise, on it's way, (I hope...) so I thought some sprucing was in order. It looks better, but it will look great with the new stuff! We did get a new card line in...the artwork is like old-fashioned storybook illustrations. I love that kind of thing. Make-believe and fairytales...animals wearing clothes and making dinner...baking cakes and tending to their gardens...the artwork on these cards is really great...you could, actually, frame them!!! I also received a Christmas catalog from one of my favorite Holiday companies...Retro is even hotter this year than last...maybe we ALL want a piece of our childhoods back! I'll need to get this order done quickly or I won't get all of the "memories" that I want to have on the shelves this year...you snooze you lose with this company. I used to have a real problem figuring out what merchandise I wanted to carry for Christmas 9 months early!...but I'm okay with it now. I just want to have THE BEST STUFF...so that, when you shop with us...you leave with Sweet Memories....SOOO corny, true, but corny!

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