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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day off???

Tomorrow is my only day off. I have a long list of things I'd like to get done...but I am really whipped , so we'll see if I accomplish my whole list. I am going to tackle the lemon balm before it takes over the whole garden.I need to dig some of the clumps out, now, while they're still small. Everything is so far ahead...my lilacs are ready to bloom! I don't, really, keep careful records of such things, but I'm pretty sure they usually bloom in May. So, if I don't get control...yesterday...I'm going to get my butt kicked!!! I also need to go antique hunting! My classes are approaching, quickly, and I need "props"! My next class is on Wednesday, it's "Desserts like Mom", and I want a retro-look for the table. I have some things I can use, here at home, but I am more primitive than retro...so we'll see what I can find! I also have "Mother's day Tea"," Cooking with herbs" and the "Fairy tea" classes coming up...hopefully I'll have success! I have some ordering to do for the shop, so I think I'll stop there and get that done too. Then I should do some other things in the garden, if I haven't decided a nap is in order instead! I have come to the conclusion that I have very STRANGE "days off"

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