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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

Happy Easter everybody. I'm heading out to my garden for a long overdue visit! I'm thrilled that it's going to be a beautiful day! I know alot of people consider yard work---work, and don't care for it...but I really enjoy it! It is one of the many gifts my MomMom gave me. She was one of the smartest people I've ever known. She never stopped learning...she loved to read, she loved history, she loved antiques,and birds,and ALL holidays, her family...and her garden( all gifts she passed along.) She did have to work, though, to get me interested in gardening. When I was about 13, I took an elective in school called Colonial Living...I thought it was really cool...and she decided to use this new found interest to get me interested in gardening(aka weeding)...so we blocked off a part of her way too big ( the reason she needed someone to help weed) vegetable garden, and planted a 4 square " Colonial Williamsburg" style garden. We planted cucumbers...she was going to show me how to make pickles. We planted some herbs and old-fashioned flowers like zinnias and marigolds ( easy, no fails...so as to not discourage the new gardener..) and the plan was that I would be SO excited and "hooked" on this new undertaking that I would be in the garden, day and night, and my energy would overflow into the rest of the rows and rows of vegetables and she would never have to ask for help again...and I'm sure that vision came to her everyday, that summer, when she would come to the fence (around the SWIMMING POOL...do you see where this is going?) and try, VERY hard, to make me feel guilty because I was not doing my gardening chores. I took care of "my part" of the garden(when the sun went down and it cooled off) and, occasionally, helped with the other stuff...and we DID make pickles! Now, here we are, many years later, and I'm "hooked" on this undertaking...like I said...a very smart and wise woman...thanks MomMom...I miss you!

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  1. You have shared many story's with me about your Mom Mom, It kinda of makes me said that I never really ever got to know her :( It seems to me she would of been a great person to learn many different things from. But, you know what because of her, I ended up with you in my life and through you in my life I have learned alot thus far and hope to learn more along the way :) Happy Easter!