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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Enough already

I wasn't planning to write this today, it's my birthday, and we serve brunch and Sunday supper on a Sunday...so, obviously, I had to work. I was going to take what was left of my evening and just try to relax and enjoy what was left of my day. However, I decided about half way through the day to call off supper and come home and try, really hard, not to blow-up!!! Happy Birthday to me!!! It appears as though there are some new super powers that I was not aware of....reading peoples minds, for example. I bake all day, every day. I make everything from scratch, on premise. I have a 9 foot bakery case that needs to stay full. All of the people who come in and sit down to eat choose their dessert from the case. Then I also take orders for everything from scones to cookies to cakes etc. I am only one person who does the best she can!!!! I started in this business cake decorating. I did ALOT of cakes...many very creative cakes....and I enjoyed it. The fact of the matter is I no longer have time to make batch after batch of icing to tint every color under the sun so that I can do elaborate cakes...it doesn't fit into the plan anymore. I make delicious, homemade ( tasting and looking ) cakes and I'm happy with that!!! There is something very comforting about fresh strawberries and whipped cream instead of pink roses, and swirls of homemade chocolate buttercream instead of the newest cartoon character....but, it seems, that is not MY decision....I am supposed to do it all, whenever I am asked, and ( here's the kicker) even when I'm NOT asked ( I should just KNOW )...no one cares that I don't have time...they want what they want!!! Well, sorry, but that's not gonna fly!! I think I have some policy changes in the near future...either that or I'm going over the edge....there is a fine line between making people happy and making it easy to take advantage. This year I'm giving myself a birthday present...the right to say enough already!!!!

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