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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Faith in karma

So today was busy...which is a good thing, until it gives a shoplifter the chance to get a thrill!!! (I decided, today, to take a couple of extra days off around the 4th of July....people are, really,ticking me off!) This has happened before. Someone took little decorative light bulbs, out of the package, and left the empty package for us to find...a kind of "trophy" of their AMAZING abilities??? Who is so sad and sorry that stealing from other people makes them happy...seriously!?!? Today it was 2 pickle forks (yes, you read that correctly) from a box of 4. So they took 2, and left the other 2 in the box for me to find!!! Dealing with people is challenging enough without this kind of garbage,too! I just hope that every, single, scummy person in the world gets what they've got coming to them! I'm putting my faith in karma...and I hope it bites them in the ***!!!! And to the person that ruined MY Saturday...FORK you!!!!!

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