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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Garden Calls...

Easter, 2010, was a picture-perfect day! We worked in the gardens until I needed to get Easter dinner started. I accomplished alot...but there is SO MUCH to do! We had a rough winter with snow and wind causing damage...nothing that can't be fixed...but there is an overwhelming amount of fixing to be done! I know myself well... do many small things that make big improvements...then the motivation stays on track! Put the front porch in order. Get big (heavy) Mr. Rabbit out of storage and put him in his rightful home... buckets full of spring flowers, birdhouses, bee skep...quick and beautiful! Next? Front flowerbed ( the one you can see from the road)...clean-up...looks great! Next? Herb Garden!!! We have lots of "themed" gardens...and I love ALL of them, but the herb garden is my favorite. Our home is, almost,200 years old.The herb garden "belongs"with the house. It is formal in shape...a rectangle in the middle with 4 "L" shaped beds around it... then big beds surrounding all of that with grass paths in between ( that my husband, patiently, mows.) The middle bed is full of many kinds of thyme, the"L" beds are full of any kind of herb I can get my hands on. I mix in edible flowers, too, and use them at the restaurant.The big beds around the outside are planted with some vegetables, a peach tree, an apple tree, some blueberry bushes, antique roses...less formal-a kitchen garden, really. It is the centerpiece...all of the other gardens either lead to the herb garden, or are accessible through it. It is, sort of, a (very) glorified version of my first, 4 square, garden...and my MomMom clocked many hours helping me weed it, and quite a few enjoying it ,too. Maybe it's my favorite because it is so full of Sweet Memories!I think I need to start a movement...try to get as many people to love herbs as much as I do...I know the world would smell better!

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