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Friday, April 16, 2010

The good ones

Owning a small business is a challenge. It is alot of hard work, many many hours, when you are in retail AND restaurant/bakery, trying to second guess peoples tastes is a challenge. We make everything, from scratch, on premise...so we have the time challenge-eveything needs to be ready when we start to serve!! Without question, though, the biggest challenge is people. I constantly find myself wondering why?... how?...seriously?! (which I've covered...) but it is very important to keep a good attitude. Your energy level is directly connected to it...so, I'm going to be thankful, this morning for the GOOD ones!!! We have a ton of them!!! I was talking to 2 ladies, yesterday, one was from Emmaus the other from over an hour away. They meet for lunch, sometimes, and spend some time together... The lady from Emmaus suggested they meet halfway...thoughtful...the lady that had to drive over an hour said no she wanted to come to our shop for lunch! They ate AND solved a birthday gift problem, too! We have a couple that comes in from New Jersey with some frequency...again quite a drive... he told me, yesterday, that he has learned to lock the door on the MENS restroom after being walked in on 3 times. He told me this story with such good humor...it was the big laugh of the day! I mean it does say MEN on the door...i guess there is a wait everytime they're there???? I had another lady buy a Byers' Choice piece. She was telling me that she started her sister's collection, and had given them as gifts for many different occasions. She said everyone who collects them say they "talk" to them...but she had never HEARD them herself...she left with a little girl....she couldn't wait to hear the " I told you so" from her sister... I am going to think about the GOOD ones! They rock!!! And to all of you out there who don't fall in that category... who make people in the service industry cringe and other customers shake their heads and stare....HAVE A NICE DAY!!! (Good thoughts...Good thoughts... I NEED my energy!!!!!!!)

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