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Friday, April 16, 2010

I won't have time to write this in the morning like I usually do. I have lots of orders, we have alot of reservations and we have a shower tomorrow afternoon. We will need to get an early start! My candy order came in, today! The display is all set up and I think it looks SWEET ( HaHaHa...) as soon as we got it all done, we had two little girls checking it out! They were allowed to pick something for a treat after dinner...they had a hard time choosing, I guess I did a good job! Deciding what merchandise to buy for any part of the gift shop is hard! It's a gamble, really. There is SO much of me in every part of the business, from the decor and color scheme to the music we play in the backround, to the kind of hand soap and paper towels we use in the restrooms. I just look at all of my merchandise options and, if I really like something, or get excited about a product, I buy it. It almost always works out that our customers,( who LIKE our decor, music and handsoap) agree with me...and buy it too! I have quite a few product lines that I feel very strongly about... Byers' Choice Carolers, Gooseberry Patch and Cheerful Giver candles to name a few... I carry those products all the time, but, for the most part, I change things as much as possible to keep things interesting! I just put the centerpiece of our Halloween merchandise order in...we've got a reputation for Halloween! They come from great distances to see what we have...no pressure!!! It's amazing how many Halloween junkies there are! I actually count myself among them! But, Halloween aside...if you're looking to take a walk down memory lane...you should come see our candy display and look for your favorites! Hopefully, you will have a hard time choosing, too!!! ( and I'm not sure why I got off on the Halloween thing...I think this is WHY I usually do this in the morning!!!)

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