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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, Monday

It's only a little after noon, and Ive washed all of the tablecloths for the restaurant, took my husband to the doctor for his follow-up( and it looks like he will get his drivers license back before we thought...which is AWESOME), did some other errands and went antique shopping with my daughter... these "days off" are going to kill me! I found a child's chair with a piece of quilt for the seat cover...it is adorable and it was only 13.00! What a steal! I have a thing for miniatures and child-sized things....so this was right up my alley! I found a great book, too...also a steal...AND I have a thing for books!!! Success all the way around! I think a little lunch, and a trip to the Garden Center( or maybe just some garden time ) and my day will have been productive...it turns out I have some problem-solving to do...I find that counting on other people is very disappointing. It's no wonder I don't delegate...but, put a road block in front of me, and I'll figure out a different route! Just don't come back, later, and ask me for a ride!!!! On second thought, I think garden time would do me good, I do some of my best problem solving in the garden!!! This will all work out for the best...for me, anyway...maybe not so much for the "problems"!!!!

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