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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Mother's Day Tea class went very well!!! It was alot of fun with alot of new faces! The table was really cute. I found a "child-size" ice cream parlor table and chairs and that was the focal point. I also had an old china tea set that I incorporated into the tablescape...it made it look like the tea parties you had with your little ones...I thought it was a cute twist on Mother's Day...bring back Sweet Memories!!!(sorry!) We did the "shoot" for WFMZ this morning...the camera man was very nice! I told him to edit the daylights out of it and get the footage of me down to a minimum!!! I hope I answered the questions OK. I don't have a problem speaking in public and I can think on my feet...but when questions come out of left field, and you are on camera...it's a little nerve racking. We sent him on his way with cupcakes...so, hopefully he will be kind, and edit the daylights out of it like I asked him to...not that the cupcakes were a bribe, or anything!!! This will air on Friday May 7th at the end of the 6:00 broadcast...so be sure to tune in! (but don't tell me if you thought I stunk....please!)

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