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Friday, April 2, 2010

My srange life

I spent the day baking... as usual. I made coconut cake(s), chocolate toffee, lemon cream,cookies and cream, strawberries and cream...a typical day. I baked tea cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal etc. ...it's what I do. I also made Chocolate glazed egg cakes the size of footballs, (one of which is heading to Illinois...remarkable!) and "cutout" Easter sugar cookies that were selling, still warm, off of the trays!!! ( I'm going as fast as I can!) I did some other typical stuff too, solved some problems, re-arranged some merchandise displays,did some ordering, paid some bills...even dealt with( I'm told not too graciously) some, actually 3, uninvited electric provider sales people who were very pushy and rude to my daughter and seemed to think that their time was much more important than mine....sorry, lost my train of thought for a moment...this is NOT about them....although I'm sure THEY believe ...sorry again!...Anyway, a typical day...certainly a pre-holiday day (crazy...) but do you know how I ended this fast paced, non-stop day?....I sat down with one of my (invited) sales reps and put in a CHRISTMAS order...while my Easter cookies were cooling...Welcome to my strange life! ( I wouldn't change a thing...but could someone please tell me what month this is!!!

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