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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Our local news does a segment at the end of the 6:00 newscast on Friday called "local flavor". We were recommended as a restaurant of interest and, now, they are coming next week to "shoot" the segment. I'm not 100% sure what all is involved...but we have had magazines do photo spreads and we've been written-up in the paper quite a bit...it can't be much different! I will be in my type"A", everything HAS to be perfect mode, so I feel a little sorry for my family, but it's not like it's never happened before....1000 times, so they should be expecting it!!! It is supposed to air on May 7th...basically Mother's Day weekend! We are already close to being booked...so I'm sure there will be some people angry with us...Oh well! When someone wants to give your business this kind of exposure you take it!...and if that means it's even harder to get in, I'm sorry!!! Really!!! Well, to a certain extent, anyway. I mean, we ARE running a business. I'd like to be busy, because if we're not...we're not in business. Now this seems logical, right??? So why do I get a phone call from someone who wants a reservation, next week, NOT next month, next week...for a larger group (who, apparently, think it would be OK to sit for hours, tying up one of only 10 tables...and we know this because she said so...) and there is some shock that I have a reservation at the bigger table already! Especially considering this is not the first attempt to get this table hogging group in? The outcome of this lovely conversation? We have been removed from their list of places to try...because we're busy...is everyone else making the "are you serious" face...or is it just me? So, to recap...again, if it's hard to get in...I'm sorry! Actually, now that I really think about it ...no I'm not! Shame on us for working our tails off for the last 15 years!!! For working so hard that we have a "newsworthy" reputation! Shame on us...whatever!!!!

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