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Monday, April 12, 2010

One thing at a time...

The lemon balm put up a good fight, but I think we won this battle...I'm sure, however, that the war is not over! It's really starting to look good in the gardens, but there is still much to do! I also need to work on the garden at the shop...only so many hours in a day! Thanks for the comments, by the way, it does help to know that these things happen to other people too, and that it is not some sort of exclusive punishment...it is also nice to know that I'm not, in fact, talking to myself! So keep the comments coming! I did go antique hunting and uncovered some finds. The classes are starting ( or finishing... depending on the class ) to shape up in my mind. I found a child sized china "cake set" in blue and white that finalized the direction I was heading for the Mother's Day Tea...and I decided to "shop" my daughter's apartment for this weeks "Desserts like Mom" retro look that I'm after. It has been one of the things she has collected from the beginning...In my mind, I see a tablescape that looks like you just took your apron off after a productive day of baking...now I just need to make the final decision on which desserts to teach...so many choices! This will be a fun class, because it ends with the tasting of the recipes...and tasting your way through desserts is always fun! I still need to finalize my plans for the herb class and the fairy tea class... but I have a few weeks, so...one thing at a time!

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