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Friday, April 9, 2010


OK, I started this blog because I wanted to teach myself something new on the computer. After I tackled this new frontier I realized I needed something to write about...so I thought the everyday stuff that I encounter because I own and operate a family-run, small business would be the ticket. Sometimes the stories are funny, sometimes interesting, hopefully entertaining... I am asked an awful lot of questions, all day long, about the everyday stuff, so this made sense... but at no point was I going to use this blog to vent...until today! People will often start a sentence with " I have a stupid question..." I always say " there is no such thing as a stupid question..." I stand corrected! This has been a week, full, of stupid questions!!!! " Oatmeal-raisin-chocolate chip-walnut cookies... what's in those?" Seriously? "chocolate-toffee-cream cake...what's that?" I'm going to tell the truth, I'm never sure how to answer those without sounding like a smart ---! How about one, just one, good reason why you'd bring a dog into a restaurant...(no it was not a seeing eye dog...) or, for that matter, why you would bring a cup from another establishment...and then ask if we would throw it away!!! Or why people make a mess in the restrooms, and why I find the toilet paper roll on the floor? Seriously! Or why...and I'd REALLY like an answer to this one...when everything we have in print, from ads in magazines and newspapers, to the phone book and our business cards, to our facebook page and the chalkboard on the front porch...(we won't even talk about how many times a day we SAY it) tells you we recommend reservations...it's our fault that we are full and can't seat walk-ins...to the point of nastiness....seriously....I know there are other people who are challenged, everyday, with these kinds of things! I'd love to hear from you...if only to know I'm not alone...Seriously!~!!!


  1. Your NOT alone, I own a small family business as well and I get the weirdest things. Face it, not everyone is as smart as us! LOL