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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some more orders...

Another one of my reps was in today...some more orders placed! Today was a challenge, I was ordering everyday, Halloween and Christmas all at the same time...talk about TMI!!!! I've got some great new stuff coming, though, so I'm excited (especially because I'm at home and not looking in catalogs anymore!) So, back to the present...I really need to give some more attention to the garden in front of the shop. They film the outside, as well as the inside, for this T.V. thing. I'm trying to decide if I should listen to my instincts( which say to go ahead and plant because I don't think we are going to get any more killing frosts) or risk the outside shot looking less than wonderful ( for the whole 4 seconds you'll be able to see it....)...this is my type"A" kicking in, right on cue...but first impressions are important!!! I, also, have my Mother's Day Tea class next week...so, once again, I find myself with many irons in the fire. I was hoping to get the garden in shape on Monday, but the weather forecast says not so nice...of course, since they are always wrong, maybe this is a good thing!!! Perhaps I'll be able to steal a few minutes over the weekend and get a little jump start on the garden...and maybe just a few flowers won't hurt!

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