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Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is back!

The weather around here has been very confused the last few days. For some reason we had skipped right to July...but April has returned! It is much easier, and more pleasant, to bake when the kitchen is not 89 degrees! That early "summer" weather also tricks your mind into thinking you are even further behind on your gardening chores because you have skipped 2 whole months!!!! I'm glad April is back! The Garden Club members were working in our towns newly finished center ( the triangle ) yesterday. They renovated the whole thing,last year, it was an involved project that took most of the summer. It looks great, but they didn't get to really make it "bloom" before the season was over. I walked up to see what they had put in, last year, and there were quite a few perennials. It will be fun to watch it this year and see what they do. I'm sure it will be beautiful. There is a fountain, planter beds, paving stones and alot of black wrought iron fencing...great backdrop for flowers! Now I have to get cracking on my own garden in front of the shop...the "Best of Bloom" festival is coming up... I've got to do my part to make Emmaus look it's best!!!

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