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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Super powers?....Nope YOUR fault!!!

I have had a very strange week! I have had 4 different things happen, that I had no control over, that were, basically being blamed on me! I'm not sure when my super powers kicked in...and why I don't know about them! It appears as though I have the power to FORCE you to tilt cake boxes (with cakes in them...) Take away all ability to do simple math, completely CONTROL who makes reservations, and when, for the simple enjoyment of watching others become irate, and I have the power to make people forget dates...all of them...until it's too late!!!! I guess I should be glad that I have discovered these powers...You're a wizard, Harry!!!!....but I must say, if I am to be endowed with magic, super powers, I can think of better, more constructive ones to have!!!! Let's think about that possibility for awhile...if I did, in fact have magic, super powers I would FORCE people to care about what they say to one another, take away all ability to be selfish, completely CONTROL the rampant "it's not my fault" "I refuse to take responsibility" epidemic in this world and use my power to eliminate all stupidity!!!! So, to sum up...I guess I DON'T have the super powers I've been accused of, after all....which means (uh oh!) it's YOUR fault!!!!

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