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Friday, April 30, 2010

There is life out there...

Some old friends of mine came in for lunch today. They are sisters and were our neighbors when we first moved to this area. I spent the first 10 years of my life in Bucks County. We lived in a big old Victorian house with several houses on either side of ours. There were kids my age in all of those houses...we spent all of our time together, outside more often than not, riding our bikes and playing.When we moved up here, it was to a house we built in Zionsville, on a dirt road, and our closest neighbors ( the sisters I mentioned ) were about a mile away!!! It was a HUGE change for me, but I adjusted! We are all, about, the same age ( give or take a year or two ) and became very good friends...it was nice to see them... I, actually, have seen more people from my past in the shop, recently, than I have anywhere else...especially people I graduated from high school with. Luckily they know who I am....because I, usually don't know them! I mean, they look familiar...but EVERYBODY looks familiar! We have so many people come through our doors in any given week(month or year ) that I always just assume I know you from the shop...and I don't " get out" much...so if you look familiar, it must be because you are a customer! I'm sure I must have a startled look on my face when I realize that's not where I know you from...sometimes people who own their own businesses forget there is life out there!!!

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