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Friday, April 23, 2010


Well I didn't have time to do any work in the garden, today, but I did take a look around! It's not too bad, an hour would make a big difference. I think I can get it looking good for Thursday. I have a double washtub on a stand just outside the front door that I plant with flowers every Spring. I love unusual containers and lots of personality in gardens. I also love the contrast of the old metal and the flowers. However the squirrels and chipmunks love to dig in the tubs....I have no clue for what????....but it is making a mess on the porch AND killing my pansies. So, we looked it up and were told to sprinkle pepper on the plants...which I did...so we'll see if this works. I hope it does the trick, because I'm tired of the mess!!! ( and the dead plants don't make me happy, either!) I have some invasive plants that need some taming...and then it needs some new flowers for color. I'd ,pretty much, decided to risk it and stick some in the ground and I think I heard something about a frost warning...good thing I didn't have time today!! I'll watch the weather in the morning( why, I don't know, because they are wrong more often than not...) and probably risk it anyway, before Thursday...it's all about the perfection...I do believe I've mentioned that type"A" thing....is there such a thing as type "AAA"?????

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