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Monday, May 31, 2010

Some family time...

Happy Memorial Day!!! We've got some yard work calling us....then a picnic with the family! I decided not to serve dinner last night. I thought we deserved a night off. Of course, I should've known better!! Just when we were getting ready to close for the day...we have to get, just a little, flack...whatever!! When we left, we passed an adorable lemonade stand, someone built it and painted it...it has an awning and everything....probably one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time!!! Hanging in it's rightful spot was...the CLOSED sign!!!! I, actually, stopped the car I was laughing so hard! I wish I had had the camera with me!!! SO CUTE........ I said to my husband " If they can take the afternoon off...so can we!!!!" So, you take this afternoon off...remember why we have this holiday to begin with ( all of our soldier friends are home and safe right now....but that's not the case for everyone!!) enjoy your family (like we did last night...shame on us!!) and we'll see you, business as usual, tomorrow!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Make their day....

Isn't it funny how the simplest things can make your day?? I ordered this new card line. They came in, yesterday. I had to get a new spinner for them, because I didn't think they would fit on the other spinner we had, so it was a big project. All of the cards come wrapped in plastic, so they all need to be opened and put into the spinner, which needed some assembly...etc. There are other things with this line, too. We got the magnets and some napkins...now, the thing about this line is, it's funny...and a little "sassy"...so each card and magnet needed to be read before it was put out or priced. We all were laughing and carrying on with this stuff! Then, as the night went on, a bunch of my customers were reading the cards and laughing, too! This is what greeting cards are all about...finding the right ones for the right people show them how much you care.I spend alot of time picking out really great cards to sell, we have the best, the best graphics and sayings...cute, pretty, heartfelt. Giving really funny and "sassy" cards gets people laughing! To give you an idea what I mean by "sassy", there is a "hot flash" fan in this line, too....too funny!!! It has a picture and saying on it...something about still being hot...just not the way you used to be....Funny! So if there is someone in your life that you care about..go ahead and make their day...get them a card!! We have tons of them!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

School's out for summer!!

The Fairy Tea Class was so much fun!! It was the biggest class we've had, so far. All of the little accessories I had ordered came in...arbors, watering cans, wheelbarrows, little tools, even birdhouses on sticks! I used some of the things when I planted the fairy garden to show the class. Everyone was very enthusiastic about planting one for themselves, and bought all kinds of stuff to decorate their creations! I think it's so cool to be the one helping all of my "students" to find some magic and to remember how to "make believe"...it's really important to find your creative side, especially with how hectic all of our lives are. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting in a garden you've designed and planted and taken care of...and if you can spin a little fantasy into it too...all the better!!! I gave them all kinds of information to use...flower meanings, the magical properties of insects, birds and small animals...it's interesting stuff, once you start to research it. My daughter had off today and had an adventure with some of her boyfriend's family. She found a new book on this subject and bought it for me...so it looks like I'll have even more to teach next year!!! School's out for the summer...but I need to figure out my Fall schedule of classes....they're already asking what's next!!! I think that means they've enjoyed themselves!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The last class of the Spring set is tomorrow night. This one is the "Fairy Garden Tea" class. It is my favorite of all of the classes that we do. I'm looking forward to this one....FULL house! The biggest class I've ever done! I just finished typing up the recipes. I haven't planted the fairy garden, yet, because I'm still waiting for some of the merchandise that I ordered to accessorize fairy gardens. Some things came in today, so I'm hoping the rest comes tomorrow! Every other year we would caravan back to our house to see MY fairy garden...but it really is too much...so I'll plant a smaller, and, actually more do-able, garden in a white agate wash tub. Everyone will be able to get the idea...and could duplicate it at home. There is something so magical and fun about this whole subject...it's like you are giving yourself permission to be a kid again!! Back when you believed...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Late nights...

Long weekend with very little spare time to write on here! Saturday night was our "Ladies Night"...we get together once a month for dinner. We take turns hosting and cooking! It's alot of fun, but makes for a late night. My daughter hosted this month, the first time in her new apartment! She did a great job! We decided to pick themes for the dinners this year...so she had "sandwiches" she made 4 different kinds...tuna melts, turkey "dinner" wraps, ham and cheese in pitas and BBQ chicken salad. Then she had old-fashioned soda in glass bottles, chilling in an old red cooler. She made 2 different cakes...one looked like a big chocolate donut complete with sprinkles and the other looked like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!! It was alot of fun!! We had quite a few missing for one reason or another, but that happens in the summer months. I have "breakfast" next month. Last night was another late one...we were watching Celebrity Apprentice. I was very excited because Bret Michaels won!! I was never a big "Poison" fan...but he really grew on me, as the show went on, so I was really hoping he would win!!! Then, with all of his health problems recently, I was REALLY pulling for him!!!! Two late nights are catching up with me...but they were worth it!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

New People...

Lots of new people today!!! That's always nice. New people always means alot of questions about how we do things. It seems pretty simple to us...but we do this everyday!! Sometimes you forget that your so different from everybody else...and that can be confusing! For example...I need some notice to get baking orders done. You can't call me and expect a cake without any notice. We don't do things like everyone else..(no freezer!) If you order a cake, it's made that morning! If I'm already booked, that probably means I've taken about 3 more orders than I can do comfortably...so I can't take any more!!! Plus I need to fill the case for the people who are having lunch...and, it seems there are days when I'm just not fast enough for some peoples liking (like this morning...for example!!!) I, also, have people who do not seem to understand the concept of a reservation...If you make it for 1:30 and show up at 11:30...we, probably will not be able to "bump you up"!!! However, for the most part, once you become a "Sweet Memories Fan" the rules of the game are not all that complicated, after all...and you realize they are in place to benefit our customers!! So...bring on new people, and give us the chance to tell you why we are SOO different... then you can be a "Sweet Memories Fan" too!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking ahead...

We are in Fairy Garden/Fairy Tea Class mode! I've spent days trying to find great little things to accessorize fairy gardens...not an easy task, as it turns out! I've rounded up some neat things...but I'm on a mission to find even more for next year! I'm going to try to find more for in the garden, period. I don't have much free time, so I don't get to go to too many other shops, but I thought what I've seen was lacking the personality and quality that I look for, so I'm on a mission! I've always tried to order great things for the garden...and I think I've been successful...but, I assumed, everyone else was carrying the stuff I wasn't...I was wrong! Next year I'll have to step up the selection!! I have the birdhouse gourds on the way...those are always popular, and the company that makes them is awesome!!! I also put in a re-order with one of my more popular companies...all stuff for outside. I'll just have to look harder for unusual things...things that I would want for in my own gardens! I know everyone has just started their gardening for this year, and it probably sounds strange that I'm already looking ahead. Actually I have, almost, all of my Christmas orders in place, and the gardening season 2010 was in place last November...so, I HAVE to look ahead!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Again and again...

So, my husband and I went to an antique mall last night. We were looking for some specific things....which we did not find....but I found some great things...which is how that works!!! One of the things I found was a book. Now, I have a thing for books!!!! If you would see my collection you'd understand! This book is for Grandmother's, of which I am a brand new one. It is full of stories and songs. Poems and recipes. Games and rhymes, etc. The amazing part of this book, however, is the art they chose to use. It is FULL of old storybook illustrations, which I also have a thing for!!! As I was paging through I saw a bunch of things that reminded me of MY MomMom. Some of the stories and poems are among her favorites...the ones she knew by heart! The songs were all songs she sang...there is something in there about jello...she made this recipe, with jello and ice cream, every year for my birthday! But, as I was looking through it this afternoon, I realized how MANY things are HER! There is Robert Frost and the Gingerbread Man. The story of Stone Soup and a diagram of how to do "here's the church...here's the steeple".... Then, as I was getting to the end of the book "The Little Match Girl" is in it, too! It's really funny how you never lose the people that mean the most to you...they come back again and again!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is it October....again!!!!

Clearly October is here, yet again!!! This weather is so weird!!! It is supposed to be nice for the rest of the week...we'll see!!! It is nice to do alot of baking when it's miserable outside...it's nice and cozy!! That's not really a good reason for horrible weather...just gives you something to do while the horrible weather is here!!! I have made a recent discovery that I think is odd...it is very difficult to find unique, cool stuff for the garden! My niece called and asked if I had any garden stakes that said "herbs" on them...I don't! I have all kinds of unusual, great things...but I sort-of steer clear of things I think all of the other shops must be carrying. I want things that make your heart beat faster...things that are different. However, I've learned that no one has great garden accessories!!! I have really wonderful birdhouses, all made by hand...really cute and full of character. I have cast iron fairies and rabbits, hummingbird feeders made of tiger glass, the coolest mushrooms....but I'm beginning to think I should carry some "normal" stuff too....because no one else is!!! I'll have to give this some thought...in the meantime, it would be really nice to have some gardening weather!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

It didn't rain!!!! We got so much done...weeding, pruning, planting...seeds, herbs and perennials. It is really starting to look great! My husband re-sanded the floor of the pool house and stained it. The protective oil will go on once he's sure it won't rain! That was a big job that needed to get done before they come to open the pool or the sawdust would've gotten in the water. Now we can put all of the furniture back and I have my "vacation" spot back...can't wait!! Everyone is always telling us we need to go away on a vacation somewhere...they have obviously never seen our house and yard...I don't WANT to go away!!! We bought this house almost 26 years ago. There was not a thing planted in the yard!!! We have planned the landscaping and planted everything ourselves. I always had a vision of what I wanted and today, I realized, I have my vision! I always wanted lots of birds and other wildlife. We have every kind of bird you can think of, including many families of bluebirds. I always wanted to be able to get them to come close to the house...they do! Eat from a special feeder that is filled with their favorites! While we were finishing up tonight we saw orioles. They're nesting in the trees near the house, too! We really enjoy watching the birds! Of course, there is always a down-side...the chipmunks think they own the place, last year the heron ate our fish and, the other night a raccoon (we think...) tried to take off with my very expensive feeder...un-hooked it from the chain in the tree and tried to take off with it...luckily it got caught in the fence, so he did not win this battle! Moral of the story??? sometimes you should be careful what you wish for!?!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It is May...

So, judging by the huge amount of garden-related merchandise that sold, today...I guess we are ALL ready to get our hands dirty!!! Flags, birdfeeders, garden ornaments and things for in the house with garden themes were the hot tickets today!!! Of course that wasn't all that was selling like crazy...I need to remember to add more old-fashioned candy to my order next year! I seem to have hit a chord with some sweet memories!!! Do you all have a favorite candy from your childhood??? I thought I'd ordered plenty...but I'm not so sure now!! So, note to self, add to that list next year!!! I just finished my fall/Halloween candy order...that always sells really well, too! There are some really cool things available this year...I'm excited about it...but not so excited that it needs to get here too quickly!!! I might be ordering Halloween and Christmas, but I'd like to get some time in the pool and do some work in my garden first! I spend most of my life planning months ahead of time. It makes it all seem to go even more quickly...the trick is to come back into the here and now when you're done planning...usually easier said than done!!! So, with that in mind, I'm hoping to log in some dirty hands time tomorrow...and the pool gets opened in less than a week! It is May..It is May...It is May...just trying to stay here for awhile!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Time

Wow! Another busy one! So many nice people today...all with a severe sweet tooth!!! I baked and put cakes together all day long!! I'm bushed... came home and did a little watering and transplanted the herbs from the class Wednesday night. Cleaned out the wheelbarrow so I can plant the lettuce seeds I bought 2 weeks ago!!! I had some come up from seed from last year and they aren't that far along, so I'm not that late...if it didn't rain every Monday...and now I'm hearing that they want it to rain this Monday!!! Of course they do!!! I'm heading to my favorite greenhouse regardless! I need fairy garden material. I took a walk outside in the garden at the shop when the craziness was over and all of my roses are blooming. It actually looks really nice...very cottage-y looking garden. A good mix of all kinds of things. Roses, herbs, annuals and perennials. It's a bit of a challenge because there is no "back"... it's a square with chairs in the middle, so it has to look good from all angles...outside of the fence and inside too. I think there is just the right height and plant mixture that it works. I would like a little more annual color... but those baby bunnies are sticking around and I'm not working to feed them, so I'll have to be careful what I plant! The garden makes it very pleasant to sit and eat on the porch...even with the traffic. I had someone ask me a couple of weeks ago if it was "buggy" out on the porch...I must say, I think we've done a good job of making it pleasant...but it IS still outside...No further comment!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bizarre Friday

A very bizarre Friday...a surprise visit from my Grandson (which made the bizarre-ness go away) a full house for Friday supper...and then some of the craziest weather we've seen in a long time...and our weather has been SO crazy, that's saying something!!! We had people running into the shop through rain, hail and some nasty wind...inside-out umbrellas and all...to have supper!! Now that is dedication! My Grandson is getting so big...he'll be three months old in a couple of weeks!! He smiles and "talks" to me all the time!! He really has his own personality already! He likes things his way...and he lets you know if you're doing it wrong!!! He likes to cuddle if he's ready to go to sleep...but any other time he wants to keep an eye on the world so he doesn't miss anything!!! It's so funny to watch him, because he makes so many of the same faces his Daddy made. Especially the Boo Boo face! He looks JUST like him!!!He likes it at the shop...I think part of it is the colors, and part of it is because there is so much to look at! Before we know it, he'll be hanging out with us at the shop...my husband is already looking forward to when he's big enough to sit inside our big mixing bowl and go for a "ride"!!! So, even though it was a bizarre Friday...it turned out pretty good!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More about the class...

So..anyway, it was a really good class! I was so tired last night...I didn't really finish this. I brought the bench in out of the hallway and decorated it for the class. I put my little antique wheelbarrow on top of it and planted herbs inside! Then I took my littlest watering can from my collection, and a set of child-sized garden tools from another collection, bought some seed packets and used upside down clay pots to hold the plates of food. It was really cute...looked like a potting table! We made soup, two different salads, bread, cookies, a fruit dish and muffins, all with herbs. It was alot of fun and everyone asked alot of questions!!! The next (and last) class for the Spring set is the Fairy Tea Class. It is my favorite one. I get to combine my love of gardening with my love of cooking and sprinkle in my love of folklore, fairy tales and magic...it doesn't get any better!!! This is also going to be the biggest class I've ever taught...so, once again, my type "A" is kicking in, and I will need to make it awesome!!!! I'm heading to my favorite greenhouse on Monday to make sure I have everything I need in the plant department! Saturday is our official "plant out" date...but after the last few days...I'm skeptical!!! It just shows how unpredictable the weather really is...so why do the weather-people get paid so much to do the impossible????? What a job!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Night...

What a fun class!!! I think I've turned a few new fans on to herbs!! That equals success in my book! I am incredibly tired, so I'm calling it a night...This is my shortest blog to date! I'll try to have the energy to say something interesting and witty tomorrow...Good Night!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Herb Class

The second last class in the Spring class lineup is tomorrow night. I just finished typing up the recipes. This one is the Cooking with Herbs class and it is one of my favorites! I strongly believe that everyone should have some herbs planted in their garden, somewhere! No matter how long and exhausting your day is, when you come home and smell the herbs (even in the winter...) it makes you feel much better!!! There is something to this whole aroma therapy thing!!! I try to get my "students" excited about growing herbs as well as cooking with them! They are, practically, fool-proof...no special attention necessary! They, actually, do well with a little neglect...unlike most garden dwellers. Then they add a ton of flavor to your food, too....what more could you want??? I'm "shopping" my own collections for the tablescape this time. I collect all kinds of garden stuff...from watering cans to old picket fence( the kind they used around Christmas trees..) to child- size garden tools. I also have a thing for wheelbarrows...especially little ones! So this table will be easy...and we stopped and bought some plants this afternoon, too...so I'm ready for another class!!! I hope, even if you never take one of our classes, that I've talked you into planting some herbs...you won't be sorry!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Piece of cake!

So I know I rant now and then...but it makes me feel better! But, I must say, we have some really wonderful customers!!! On a day that is so stressful, and so full of pressure and time issues it is really great to hear how happy everyone is and how much they are enjoying themselves! One of our good customers (and now, friend) even brought ME a gift!!! It's THE COOLEST fairy book...and I am a book lover!! (and have a great interest in fairies and fairy gardens...) I've never seen anything like this, and I spend some time in the book store!!! That kind of thing makes you remember why you are in business...all of the thank-you cards and Christmas cards! We have sisters that have been coming in forever...they bring me things all the time! Our refrigerator at the store is covered with pictures of customers! It really is a great job...and I'm thrilled with our success! Like I said making people happy is my job...and most of the time it's a piece of cake!! I wouldn't have it any other way! ( Well, except for the stealing and complaining.....)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great Job!!!

It is over...and we made it!!!! Just as I predicted, it went very smoothly!!! Everyone that came in (and I'm pretty sure EVERYONE came in..) had a great time, compliments all day long, no problems what-so-ever!!! This year we only had one last minute cancellation and one no call-no show...so other than that little bit of extreme rudeness...Mother's Day 2010 was a success! Now if we could have skipped the unnecessary behavior of the last week or so..I might be able to have a different opinion of this holiday...but, alas, that is not to be! People, unfortunately, will continue to wait until the last minute and then be shocked that we are booked...and even hang up on us in a rage!!!! Oh well...not my problem!! I am so proud of my family, and so lucky to have them with me everyday! What an amazing job they all did...it was non-stop all day...and, not only did they keep plugging along, but made everyone feel special and part of the family...not easy when you have 50 things to do!!!! Great job, guys!!! Thank-you for a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Challenges and rewards

This time tomorrow Mother's Day 2010 will be in the books...we have had a very busy week. We have had some great people, some new people and some awesome little people! We had a Mother and son in this morning...the little boy had picked out a card that he wanted to buy for his Mom. He didn't have any money, and she was telling him that the card he had already made for her was the one she wanted! He was heartbroken, and in turn my niece was too...she said he was crying, so she bought the card for him!!!! Again, like the little boy with the manicure, THIS is what Mother's Day SHOULD be all about!!! I hope the Mom pays my niece's very kind deed forward...the world would be a better place if more people did things like that! We also have a little customer who feels like Sweet Memories is another home! She is such a cutie pie and always wants to help...she is very fond of my husband. They have a love of "peeps" in common!! One time, when she and her family had come to eat, he asked her if she would help with the dishes...she said "no"...but now she wants to wear an apron and to help dry the dishes...we have quite a few great "little" customers...and some new ones on the way! Hopefully, one day, my Grandson will hang out with us at the shop. I know my kids are as good with people as they are because of the time they've spent in the store...it's a very important skill in life, maybe one of the most important...as we all know, dealing with the public can be a challenge! But it also has it's rewards!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Mother's Day countdown...

We are almost to Mother's Day...we made it through Friday...2 to go!!! We had alot (and I mean ALOT) of great people again today! Supper was busy tonight, too! We had a good time with all of our regulars...we have some awesome customers! Our "Local Favorites" spot was on the news tonight...it was pretty good, except for the quiche pronunciation problem...I guess someone spelled in incorrectly in the text she was reading! There you are with your "15 minutes" of fame (we have had more than that, but that's not the point!) and the thing everyone will remember is the anchorwoman's mistake! Oh well...what can you do?? The cameraman did a great job, and apparently the cupcakes were a hit because they edited the amount of time I was on camera quite a bit...just like I asked him to!!! SO many great things to look at when you are there...I am SO not important!!! If you saw it, let me know!!!! Well, wish us luck tomorrow...we can use all of the good thoughts we can get!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a nice day...

We finally worked on the garden in front of the shop! It looks much better...all ready for Mother's Day! I'll still do a little more, eventually...but it looks good for now! That was bothering me, so I'm glad it's done! We had some really nice people in today! We had some new customers from New Jersey, drove all the way in to see us! They had a great time and were super nice...We have alot of people that come in from New Jersey...it seems like such a long way...but I go that far when I'm in the mood for a day trip...we like to go down into Bucks County (where I grew up...) and into Lancaster. My Grandparents loved Lancaster and took us out there often. The kids still love to go out...Even though they aren't kids anymore!!!! It's really nice to be in that "destination" category. That's what we work so hard for...not to be like everyone else, but to be a unique "experience". All the way from the garden out front to the meal and dessert and the shopping upstairs...we want you to enjoy it all! It sure is nice when you have a day full of people who do enjoy it all...and make it a point to tell you so!! Thanks everybody!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What it's all about

Today was a long one, but we came home and had dinner on the patio, then started to talk about all of the things that needed to get done....because we could see them from the patio! So much for that! Well, Monday is coming...and I think it's not supposed to rain!!! Won't that be a nice change!!! We had a crazy day...but right in the middle of it a customer came in to pick up her order...I showed her the cake and she paid me...she must have thought that I had noticed her fingernails, because she held them out for me to see...the manicure that her little boy had given her for Mother's Day!!!! I don't know what was cuter...that he did that for her, or her telling me what a "challenge" it was and quietly asking when I thought she could remove the polish( mostly from her fingers ) without offending him!!! Oh if only THAT was what Mother's Day was all about...because THAT'S what it should be all about!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still venting....

I know I said I was done venting on here, but I had some more shop lifting today!!! I find it hard to understand how anyone can get up in the morning, get dressed, take care of whatever personal things they need to take care of, drink their coffee, eat their breakfast all while knowing that they are going out to steal things that someone else paid for. We work our tails off, all day, everyday. I pay my bills, pay for the merchandise I carry...and some low-life thinks it's OK to walk out the front door with it....I really need some kind of retaliation. This is not what I signed up for!! I have decided to post signs all over the shop...it will let the honest people know what we're going through, and the thieves that we are aware of them... will it stop them? I don't know...but I need to make it uncomfortable, anyway!!! I hate injustice...of any kind!!! Again I find myself needing to believe in the power of karma...I just hope these people get what's coming to them!!!!( and that I get to watch!!!) There is no doubt in my mind that " holidays" bring out the very BEST in people!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

So much to do...so much rain!

I have so much to do...and it just keeps raining every Monday!!! I did get the strawberry plants, that I bought last week, planted in a big, old colander...it looks cool! My list was much longer, though, but it just keeps raining! Both of my tree peonies are blooming now...they are so pretty (and huge!) my rhubarb is huge, too...I need to make some pies! All of the rose bushes are going to explode at once, and that bush that I bought a couple of years ago ( and can't remember the name of...) is starting to bloom! The flowers are really small and delicate, but they smell like gardenia...awesome! ( I do wish I could remember the name of it, though!!!) I hope this weather pattern is going to change soon...it is very difficult to get things done after a full day at the shop...energy level is low!!! Usually if I just start to work outside, I forget I'm tired...for a little while, anyway. I spent some time looking at new merchandise from some new companies...always a good use of rainy days. I found some stuff that I'm interested in...I'm going to call for catalogs. I don't mind looking on here..but I'd rather have catalogs...so I can really look when I have some spare moments...I started a discussion on the shops facebook page about what my customers are looking for when they shop for their homes. I think the answers would be interesting...and helpful! If you are following us on facebook, please take a moment to go to our page and click on the discussion bar and tell me what YOUR style is!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Questions answered

I have had some interesting conversations this week. I realized that I am asked alot of the same questions over and over...so I thought I'd answer some of them!
1. We have been in business for 15 years at our current location. We will start our 16th at the beginning of July.
2. The girls that you see and talk to everyday are both my daughters...and the gentleman that answers the phone is my husband...they are the wheels that keep Sweet Memories moving (There are 4 of us...get it?)
3. We make ALL of the food, everyday on the premises!
4. I bake ALL of the desserts, everyday on the premises!
5. I come up with the menu ideas all by myself...I don't know where they come from...but they are mine!!!!
6. I don't know how I do it all ( I'm asked this one ALOT....) I can multitask, I'm very organized and see # 2...again 4 wheels!!!!
7. No, we are NOT a franchise....and no, I do not plan to open any more locations!!! I am the classic definition of a type "A" and need to have control...I have not been able to divide myself into more than one person...so only one location!!! ( I feel more than that would compromise our quality, charm, attentiveness, selections and sanity!!!)
8. I know that our food is different and unique...we do that on purpose! If we were just like anyone else...why bother??? I make it a point to be unique...I can't stand copycats!! I believe that making yourself stand out is one secret to success!!!
9. Yes, the gift shop is open!!!!!!!
10. Yes, I know you would like a cookbook...but the recipes are mine and I need them right now...if the day comes that I can't take it anymore...maybe I'll write them down! I don't see that day in the immediate future, though, so I guess you'll just have to keep coming in to see us!!!
Hopefully that answers all of your questions...I think I covered everything...if I missed anything please leave a comment and I'll see what I can do about clearing it up!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yeah May!!!

This pre-mature summer weather is the pits!!! Especially in a very hot kitchen, cooking and baking all day long!!! Cakes, cakes and more cakes today...so many coconut I thought it was Easter all over again!!! I'm going to wait until Monday and then watch the weather for the 10 day forecast...that will put us close to our "plant-out" date, I can't imagine any more frost after this heat and humidity!! That means that the herbs I bought on my trip to the greenhouses will be able to go in the ground, and that means that I can go back to the greenhouses for more...I love May!!!! One of my tree peonies is blooming...it is breath taking! My next project is to figure out how to post pictures on here so I can show some of the stuff I'm talking about...the peony is greeting card worthy!!! I will get on that right away! We want to work on the garden at the shop, too, so it looks it's best for Mother's Day...but now I have an extra challenge...there are baby bunnies who have taken up residence out front. Anyone who gardens knows what that means...whatever I plant has to be on the NO BUNNY list...oh well!!! They are so cute and attracting attention...I just hope they don't decide to cross the road to see what's on the other side!!!