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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Again and again...

So, my husband and I went to an antique mall last night. We were looking for some specific things....which we did not find....but I found some great things...which is how that works!!! One of the things I found was a book. Now, I have a thing for books!!!! If you would see my collection you'd understand! This book is for Grandmother's, of which I am a brand new one. It is full of stories and songs. Poems and recipes. Games and rhymes, etc. The amazing part of this book, however, is the art they chose to use. It is FULL of old storybook illustrations, which I also have a thing for!!! As I was paging through I saw a bunch of things that reminded me of MY MomMom. Some of the stories and poems are among her favorites...the ones she knew by heart! The songs were all songs she sang...there is something in there about jello...she made this recipe, with jello and ice cream, every year for my birthday! But, as I was looking through it this afternoon, I realized how MANY things are HER! There is Robert Frost and the Gingerbread Man. The story of Stone Soup and a diagram of how to do "here's the church...here's the steeple".... Then, as I was getting to the end of the book "The Little Match Girl" is in it, too! It's really funny how you never lose the people that mean the most to you...they come back again and again!!!

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