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Monday, May 17, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

It didn't rain!!!! We got so much done...weeding, pruning, planting...seeds, herbs and perennials. It is really starting to look great! My husband re-sanded the floor of the pool house and stained it. The protective oil will go on once he's sure it won't rain! That was a big job that needed to get done before they come to open the pool or the sawdust would've gotten in the water. Now we can put all of the furniture back and I have my "vacation" spot back...can't wait!! Everyone is always telling us we need to go away on a vacation somewhere...they have obviously never seen our house and yard...I don't WANT to go away!!! We bought this house almost 26 years ago. There was not a thing planted in the yard!!! We have planned the landscaping and planted everything ourselves. I always had a vision of what I wanted and today, I realized, I have my vision! I always wanted lots of birds and other wildlife. We have every kind of bird you can think of, including many families of bluebirds. I always wanted to be able to get them to come close to the house...they do! Eat from a special feeder that is filled with their favorites! While we were finishing up tonight we saw orioles. They're nesting in the trees near the house, too! We really enjoy watching the birds! Of course, there is always a down-side...the chipmunks think they own the place, last year the heron ate our fish and, the other night a raccoon (we think...) tried to take off with my very expensive feeder...un-hooked it from the chain in the tree and tried to take off with it...luckily it got caught in the fence, so he did not win this battle! Moral of the story??? sometimes you should be careful what you wish for!?!

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