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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bizarre Friday

A very bizarre Friday...a surprise visit from my Grandson (which made the bizarre-ness go away) a full house for Friday supper...and then some of the craziest weather we've seen in a long time...and our weather has been SO crazy, that's saying something!!! We had people running into the shop through rain, hail and some nasty wind...inside-out umbrellas and all...to have supper!! Now that is dedication! My Grandson is getting so big...he'll be three months old in a couple of weeks!! He smiles and "talks" to me all the time!! He really has his own personality already! He likes things his way...and he lets you know if you're doing it wrong!!! He likes to cuddle if he's ready to go to sleep...but any other time he wants to keep an eye on the world so he doesn't miss anything!!! It's so funny to watch him, because he makes so many of the same faces his Daddy made. Especially the Boo Boo face! He looks JUST like him!!!He likes it at the shop...I think part of it is the colors, and part of it is because there is so much to look at! Before we know it, he'll be hanging out with us at the shop...my husband is already looking forward to when he's big enough to sit inside our big mixing bowl and go for a "ride"!!! So, even though it was a bizarre Friday...it turned out pretty good!!!

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