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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Challenges and rewards

This time tomorrow Mother's Day 2010 will be in the books...we have had a very busy week. We have had some great people, some new people and some awesome little people! We had a Mother and son in this morning...the little boy had picked out a card that he wanted to buy for his Mom. He didn't have any money, and she was telling him that the card he had already made for her was the one she wanted! He was heartbroken, and in turn my niece was too...she said he was crying, so she bought the card for him!!!! Again, like the little boy with the manicure, THIS is what Mother's Day SHOULD be all about!!! I hope the Mom pays my niece's very kind deed forward...the world would be a better place if more people did things like that! We also have a little customer who feels like Sweet Memories is another home! She is such a cutie pie and always wants to help...she is very fond of my husband. They have a love of "peeps" in common!! One time, when she and her family had come to eat, he asked her if she would help with the dishes...she said "no"...but now she wants to wear an apron and to help dry the dishes...we have quite a few great "little" customers...and some new ones on the way! Hopefully, one day, my Grandson will hang out with us at the shop. I know my kids are as good with people as they are because of the time they've spent in the store...it's a very important skill in life, maybe one of the most important...as we all know, dealing with the public can be a challenge! But it also has it's rewards!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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