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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Time

Wow! Another busy one! So many nice people today...all with a severe sweet tooth!!! I baked and put cakes together all day long!! I'm bushed... came home and did a little watering and transplanted the herbs from the class Wednesday night. Cleaned out the wheelbarrow so I can plant the lettuce seeds I bought 2 weeks ago!!! I had some come up from seed from last year and they aren't that far along, so I'm not that late...if it didn't rain every Monday...and now I'm hearing that they want it to rain this Monday!!! Of course they do!!! I'm heading to my favorite greenhouse regardless! I need fairy garden material. I took a walk outside in the garden at the shop when the craziness was over and all of my roses are blooming. It actually looks really nice...very cottage-y looking garden. A good mix of all kinds of things. Roses, herbs, annuals and perennials. It's a bit of a challenge because there is no "back"... it's a square with chairs in the middle, so it has to look good from all angles...outside of the fence and inside too. I think there is just the right height and plant mixture that it works. I would like a little more annual color... but those baby bunnies are sticking around and I'm not working to feed them, so I'll have to be careful what I plant! The garden makes it very pleasant to sit and eat on the porch...even with the traffic. I had someone ask me a couple of weeks ago if it was "buggy" out on the porch...I must say, I think we've done a good job of making it pleasant...but it IS still outside...No further comment!!!!

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