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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great Job!!!

It is over...and we made it!!!! Just as I predicted, it went very smoothly!!! Everyone that came in (and I'm pretty sure EVERYONE came in..) had a great time, compliments all day long, no problems what-so-ever!!! This year we only had one last minute cancellation and one no call-no show...so other than that little bit of extreme rudeness...Mother's Day 2010 was a success! Now if we could have skipped the unnecessary behavior of the last week or so..I might be able to have a different opinion of this holiday...but, alas, that is not to be! People, unfortunately, will continue to wait until the last minute and then be shocked that we are booked...and even hang up on us in a rage!!!! Oh well...not my problem!! I am so proud of my family, and so lucky to have them with me everyday! What an amazing job they all did...it was non-stop all day...and, not only did they keep plugging along, but made everyone feel special and part of the family...not easy when you have 50 things to do!!!! Great job, guys!!! Thank-you for a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

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