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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Herb Class

The second last class in the Spring class lineup is tomorrow night. I just finished typing up the recipes. This one is the Cooking with Herbs class and it is one of my favorites! I strongly believe that everyone should have some herbs planted in their garden, somewhere! No matter how long and exhausting your day is, when you come home and smell the herbs (even in the winter...) it makes you feel much better!!! There is something to this whole aroma therapy thing!!! I try to get my "students" excited about growing herbs as well as cooking with them! They are, practically, fool-proof...no special attention necessary! They, actually, do well with a little neglect...unlike most garden dwellers. Then they add a ton of flavor to your food, too....what more could you want??? I'm "shopping" my own collections for the tablescape this time. I collect all kinds of garden stuff...from watering cans to old picket fence( the kind they used around Christmas trees..) to child- size garden tools. I also have a thing for wheelbarrows...especially little ones! So this table will be easy...and we stopped and bought some plants this afternoon, too...so I'm ready for another class!!! I hope, even if you never take one of our classes, that I've talked you into planting some herbs...you won't be sorry!!!

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