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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is it October....again!!!!

Clearly October is here, yet again!!! This weather is so weird!!! It is supposed to be nice for the rest of the week...we'll see!!! It is nice to do alot of baking when it's miserable outside...it's nice and cozy!! That's not really a good reason for horrible weather...just gives you something to do while the horrible weather is here!!! I have made a recent discovery that I think is odd...it is very difficult to find unique, cool stuff for the garden! My niece called and asked if I had any garden stakes that said "herbs" on them...I don't! I have all kinds of unusual, great things...but I sort-of steer clear of things I think all of the other shops must be carrying. I want things that make your heart beat faster...things that are different. However, I've learned that no one has great garden accessories!!! I have really wonderful birdhouses, all made by hand...really cute and full of character. I have cast iron fairies and rabbits, hummingbird feeders made of tiger glass, the coolest mushrooms....but I'm beginning to think I should carry some "normal" stuff too....because no one else is!!! I'll have to give this some thought...in the meantime, it would be really nice to have some gardening weather!!!

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