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Sunday, May 16, 2010

It is May...

So, judging by the huge amount of garden-related merchandise that sold, today...I guess we are ALL ready to get our hands dirty!!! Flags, birdfeeders, garden ornaments and things for in the house with garden themes were the hot tickets today!!! Of course that wasn't all that was selling like crazy...I need to remember to add more old-fashioned candy to my order next year! I seem to have hit a chord with some sweet memories!!! Do you all have a favorite candy from your childhood??? I thought I'd ordered plenty...but I'm not so sure now!! So, note to self, add to that list next year!!! I just finished my fall/Halloween candy order...that always sells really well, too! There are some really cool things available this year...I'm excited about it...but not so excited that it needs to get here too quickly!!! I might be ordering Halloween and Christmas, but I'd like to get some time in the pool and do some work in my garden first! I spend most of my life planning months ahead of time. It makes it all seem to go even more quickly...the trick is to come back into the here and now when you're done planning...usually easier said than done!!! So, with that in mind, I'm hoping to log in some dirty hands time tomorrow...and the pool gets opened in less than a week! It is May..It is May...It is May...just trying to stay here for awhile!!!!

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