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Monday, May 24, 2010

Late nights...

Long weekend with very little spare time to write on here! Saturday night was our "Ladies Night"...we get together once a month for dinner. We take turns hosting and cooking! It's alot of fun, but makes for a late night. My daughter hosted this month, the first time in her new apartment! She did a great job! We decided to pick themes for the dinners this year...so she had "sandwiches" she made 4 different kinds...tuna melts, turkey "dinner" wraps, ham and cheese in pitas and BBQ chicken salad. Then she had old-fashioned soda in glass bottles, chilling in an old red cooler. She made 2 different cakes...one looked like a big chocolate donut complete with sprinkles and the other looked like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!! It was alot of fun!! We had quite a few missing for one reason or another, but that happens in the summer months. I have "breakfast" next month. Last night was another late one...we were watching Celebrity Apprentice. I was very excited because Bret Michaels won!! I was never a big "Poison" fan...but he really grew on me, as the show went on, so I was really hoping he would win!!! Then, with all of his health problems recently, I was REALLY pulling for him!!!! Two late nights are catching up with me...but they were worth it!!!

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