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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Looking ahead...

We are in Fairy Garden/Fairy Tea Class mode! I've spent days trying to find great little things to accessorize fairy gardens...not an easy task, as it turns out! I've rounded up some neat things...but I'm on a mission to find even more for next year! I'm going to try to find more for in the garden, period. I don't have much free time, so I don't get to go to too many other shops, but I thought what I've seen was lacking the personality and quality that I look for, so I'm on a mission! I've always tried to order great things for the garden...and I think I've been successful...but, I assumed, everyone else was carrying the stuff I wasn't...I was wrong! Next year I'll have to step up the selection!! I have the birdhouse gourds on the way...those are always popular, and the company that makes them is awesome!!! I also put in a re-order with one of my more popular companies...all stuff for outside. I'll just have to look harder for unusual things...things that I would want for in my own gardens! I know everyone has just started their gardening for this year, and it probably sounds strange that I'm already looking ahead. Actually I have, almost, all of my Christmas orders in place, and the gardening season 2010 was in place last November...so, I HAVE to look ahead!!!

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