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Friday, May 21, 2010

New People...

Lots of new people today!!! That's always nice. New people always means alot of questions about how we do things. It seems pretty simple to us...but we do this everyday!! Sometimes you forget that your so different from everybody else...and that can be confusing! For example...I need some notice to get baking orders done. You can't call me and expect a cake without any notice. We don't do things like everyone else..(no freezer!) If you order a cake, it's made that morning! If I'm already booked, that probably means I've taken about 3 more orders than I can do comfortably...so I can't take any more!!! Plus I need to fill the case for the people who are having lunch...and, it seems there are days when I'm just not fast enough for some peoples liking (like this morning...for example!!!) I, also, have people who do not seem to understand the concept of a reservation...If you make it for 1:30 and show up at 11:30...we, probably will not be able to "bump you up"!!! However, for the most part, once you become a "Sweet Memories Fan" the rules of the game are not all that complicated, after all...and you realize they are in place to benefit our customers!! So...bring on new people, and give us the chance to tell you why we are SOO different... then you can be a "Sweet Memories Fan" too!!!

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