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Monday, May 10, 2010

Piece of cake!

So I know I rant now and then...but it makes me feel better! But, I must say, we have some really wonderful customers!!! On a day that is so stressful, and so full of pressure and time issues it is really great to hear how happy everyone is and how much they are enjoying themselves! One of our good customers (and now, friend) even brought ME a gift!!! It's THE COOLEST fairy book...and I am a book lover!! (and have a great interest in fairies and fairy gardens...) I've never seen anything like this, and I spend some time in the book store!!! That kind of thing makes you remember why you are in business...all of the thank-you cards and Christmas cards! We have sisters that have been coming in forever...they bring me things all the time! Our refrigerator at the store is covered with pictures of customers! It really is a great job...and I'm thrilled with our success! Like I said making people happy is my job...and most of the time it's a piece of cake!! I wouldn't have it any other way! ( Well, except for the stealing and complaining.....)

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