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Monday, May 3, 2010

So much to do...so much rain!

I have so much to do...and it just keeps raining every Monday!!! I did get the strawberry plants, that I bought last week, planted in a big, old colander...it looks cool! My list was much longer, though, but it just keeps raining! Both of my tree peonies are blooming now...they are so pretty (and huge!) my rhubarb is huge, too...I need to make some pies! All of the rose bushes are going to explode at once, and that bush that I bought a couple of years ago ( and can't remember the name of...) is starting to bloom! The flowers are really small and delicate, but they smell like gardenia...awesome! ( I do wish I could remember the name of it, though!!!) I hope this weather pattern is going to change soon...it is very difficult to get things done after a full day at the shop...energy level is low!!! Usually if I just start to work outside, I forget I'm tired...for a little while, anyway. I spent some time looking at new merchandise from some new companies...always a good use of rainy days. I found some stuff that I'm interested in...I'm going to call for catalogs. I don't mind looking on here..but I'd rather have catalogs...so I can really look when I have some spare moments...I started a discussion on the shops facebook page about what my customers are looking for when they shop for their homes. I think the answers would be interesting...and helpful! If you are following us on facebook, please take a moment to go to our page and click on the discussion bar and tell me what YOUR style is!

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