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Thursday, May 13, 2010

More about the class...

So..anyway, it was a really good class! I was so tired last night...I didn't really finish this. I brought the bench in out of the hallway and decorated it for the class. I put my little antique wheelbarrow on top of it and planted herbs inside! Then I took my littlest watering can from my collection, and a set of child-sized garden tools from another collection, bought some seed packets and used upside down clay pots to hold the plates of food. It was really cute...looked like a potting table! We made soup, two different salads, bread, cookies, a fruit dish and muffins, all with herbs. It was alot of fun and everyone asked alot of questions!!! The next (and last) class for the Spring set is the Fairy Tea Class. It is my favorite one. I get to combine my love of gardening with my love of cooking and sprinkle in my love of folklore, fairy tales and magic...it doesn't get any better!!! This is also going to be the biggest class I've ever taught...so, once again, my type "A" is kicking in, and I will need to make it awesome!!!! I'm heading to my favorite greenhouse on Monday to make sure I have everything I need in the plant department! Saturday is our official "plant out" date...but after the last few days...I'm skeptical!!! It just shows how unpredictable the weather really is...so why do the weather-people get paid so much to do the impossible????? What a job!!

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