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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still venting....

I know I said I was done venting on here, but I had some more shop lifting today!!! I find it hard to understand how anyone can get up in the morning, get dressed, take care of whatever personal things they need to take care of, drink their coffee, eat their breakfast all while knowing that they are going out to steal things that someone else paid for. We work our tails off, all day, everyday. I pay my bills, pay for the merchandise I carry...and some low-life thinks it's OK to walk out the front door with it....I really need some kind of retaliation. This is not what I signed up for!! I have decided to post signs all over the shop...it will let the honest people know what we're going through, and the thieves that we are aware of them... will it stop them? I don't know...but I need to make it uncomfortable, anyway!!! I hate injustice...of any kind!!! Again I find myself needing to believe in the power of karma...I just hope these people get what's coming to them!!!!( and that I get to watch!!!) There is no doubt in my mind that " holidays" bring out the very BEST in people!!!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this! I was in with my sister on Wednesday and asked about what was being taken. Your shop is so cute and the prices are so reasonable. It's a shame these people seem to be doing this just for kicks. And the thing that really surprises me is that your place is so small that it would be really obvious if someone was pocketing something! You should get those 'fake' cameras just to see if it helps. Hopefully this/these person/people will have a moment of morality and stop for once and all!