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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a nice day...

We finally worked on the garden in front of the shop! It looks much better...all ready for Mother's Day! I'll still do a little more, eventually...but it looks good for now! That was bothering me, so I'm glad it's done! We had some really nice people in today! We had some new customers from New Jersey, drove all the way in to see us! They had a great time and were super nice...We have alot of people that come in from New Jersey...it seems like such a long way...but I go that far when I'm in the mood for a day trip...we like to go down into Bucks County (where I grew up...) and into Lancaster. My Grandparents loved Lancaster and took us out there often. The kids still love to go out...Even though they aren't kids anymore!!!! It's really nice to be in that "destination" category. That's what we work so hard for...not to be like everyone else, but to be a unique "experience". All the way from the garden out front to the meal and dessert and the shopping upstairs...we want you to enjoy it all! It sure is nice when you have a day full of people who do enjoy it all...and make it a point to tell you so!! Thanks everybody!!!!

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