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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What it's all about

Today was a long one, but we came home and had dinner on the patio, then started to talk about all of the things that needed to get done....because we could see them from the patio! So much for that! Well, Monday is coming...and I think it's not supposed to rain!!! Won't that be a nice change!!! We had a crazy day...but right in the middle of it a customer came in to pick up her order...I showed her the cake and she paid me...she must have thought that I had noticed her fingernails, because she held them out for me to see...the manicure that her little boy had given her for Mother's Day!!!! I don't know what was cuter...that he did that for her, or her telling me what a "challenge" it was and quietly asking when I thought she could remove the polish( mostly from her fingers ) without offending him!!! Oh if only THAT was what Mother's Day was all about...because THAT'S what it should be all about!!!!

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