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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

15 years...and still going!!

   Tomorrow marks the beginning of our 16th year!!! We've come a L-O-N-G way!! There have been some changes along the way...all for the better!! Some things have stayed the same, though...we still make everything, on premise, from scratch. We still make all of our soups, the famous quiche, the chicken salad and egg salad...all done on sight! All of our baking is done right here...probably while you're eating lunch, since I, rarely, turn the ovens off before 3:00!! The cakes, brownies, cookies, and, of course, our famous scones...all done right here, everyday!! We still do our Sunday Brunch, Country Inn style, just like we've always done. However, we've added Sunday supper and Friday night bistro-style supper, too! We no longer have seating in the back room...which has gotten a few comments, but I needed more room (still do!!!) We have changed the gift shops into quite a destination!!! We sold merchandise that was heading for New Zealand, this week!!! You will still find great food and baked goods, wonderful and unique gift items, a special atmosphere and all of your friends...and, of course, me, my husband and my daughters!!! There have been changes along the way...but some things will never change! Thank you for 15 great years!!! Our wonderful and loyal customers make our business the success it is!!

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