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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bluebirds are moving in!!

There are bluebirds in the house!!! This house is right in the middle of our herb garden...very close to our house! I was really excited to get them to come in and eat out of their feeder...but really thought getting them to come in from their houses in our orchard and live in the garden was just a dream!! Well, dreams DO come true!! We have been watching them (and taking pictures) all morning...I am SOOO excited!! The funny thing about this is that we put this house up a couple of summers ago. It was very expensive...but I love it!!! My husband put it on an antique porch post, and used old spindles as supports. The following summer, one of our woodpeckers "drilled" a new hole in it!!! The 8 holes (and cavities) weren't enough!! I WAS SO MAD (I have since forgiven the woodpecker) but, that is the entrance the bluebirds are using!!! I think that is pretty funny!!! But...whatever works!!! My husband had planned on working on my "outhouse" potting shed, today. However, it's only a few feet away from all of this activity and I don't want to scare them away!!! So, he's doing what he can out back for now!! I'll keep you posted on this amazing adventure!!!

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