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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Breakfast by the light of the moon

            This has been a very long, hot week!! A little relief would be nice! We have ladies night, tonight, and it's my turn to host, again. We picked out "themes" for dinner, this year...for something different. When I hosted in January, I had Mexican food...tonight it's "Breakfast". This one is easy...which is good, because the heat from this week is really taking a toll on me and I'm exhausted!! It is also my youngest daughter's birthday month...but instead of cake, I think I'll make sticky buns and put them on a plate to look like a cake...she will be very excited about that! I'm also planning some sort of frosty coffee beverage...she'll be in heaven!!! Frosty coffee beverages are her favorite thing...she has a hard time finding GOOD ones...no one seems to understand how to make them...she always says we should make them at the shop...but I can't do everything...so I'll make them for her birthday "breakfast"!!! Tonight is full moon...heaven help us!! It's called the strawberry moon...but it's still a full moon, no matter what you call it!!! This is promising to be an interesting day!!!!

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