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Monday, June 7, 2010

Close call?????

The front garden at the shop is all done. We even mulched it...watered, cleaned off the front porch and the walkways, took the trash down...and as we got in the car, I looked up the walkway and a lady was standing there looking at the flowers we had just planted down the side of the building. This weekend is our "Best in Bloom" art festival. The whole town really plants alot of flowers and hanging baskets,and then the garden club comes around and judges the displays. It could just be a coincidence that there was a lady standing there, looking at the flowers we had just finished planting. I have people stop and smell (and take pictures of) the roses all the time...OR..we just finished in the nick of time and the garden club was there to check out our garden!!!! I don't know...I think it may have been a close call!! Sort of funny, really...I mean the porch and sidewalks were still wet!!! Hopefully they don't take off points for wet sidewalks!!!

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