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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting it done...

We just came in from working in the gardens...it's really looking good!! Just a few more, little, details and then weeding, weeding, weeding...and watering!!! Enjoying it all through the summer and even into the fall makes all of this work worthwhile!!! There is no vacation spot on the planet that could give me more than my own backyard does!!!!! The pool temperature is warmer, now, than it was in July, last year!!! Strange...but I'm not going to complain!!! My husband is in the middle of building my fairy houses and my "outhouse" tool shed...and when he's done with those, I want a "Hobbit" house in the back part of the fairy garden. These are NOT the "little" details I was referring to earlier...but I know we'll (he'll) get them all done, as always!!!! We are having some technical difficulties with the camera and the program on this computer...but I will, eventually, get pictures of all of this, so you can see what we're up to! I am going to bed..it's been another long day...productive...but long!!!

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