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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Great hats!!!

         We had our Fairy Garden Tea party, today!!! It was alot of fun..and we had some VERY creative hats!!! We had three little ones in attendance, and TWO fairies!!! You can't ask for more than that!!! We gave out prizes for the prettiest, funniest and craziest hats. One of the hats was "chirping"...and one looked like a jellyfish!! The sorting hat (from Harry Potter) was there...but all decorated with flowers!!! That one got the funniest. The jellyfish got the craziest! It was alot of fun, and we will make this a yearly thing! There were an awful lot of flashes going off...great photo opportunity!! I must say, though, I'm beat!! 60 cupcakes, 15 dozen giant cookies all on top of my usual Saturday baking duties makes a long day!! It all got done...and I lived to tell about it!!!! I hope all of the celebrations that we were a part of (in a round about way) were wonderful!!! I'm done!!

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