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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Have cupcake will travel!!!

Some of our cupcakes were heading to New York today.... that's pretty cool!!! We have had things travel all over the place. Other than being concerned about them arriving, safely, to their destination, it's very exciting!! The idea of ours going to New York was, actually, sort of funny! We try to go into New York for Christmas and we took both of our daughters for their 21st birthday. Whenever we go, we do the usual shopping...and occasional "tourist" stuff...but we, also snoop around at the food establishments and bakeries. We try to hit the "famous" ones...and we've gone to quite a few bakeries that have their own cookbooks etc. We have gotten treats and taken them home...not good!!! I have been told that I am hard to please...and I can see how that would be true. I have extraordinarily high expectations for myself...so I don't see any reason why I should cut other restaurants/bakeries any slack... The baked goods we've purchased in the city just are not good!!! A couple of weekends ago, we had a family come in and get cake out of the case. We got into a discussion about other baked goods...(they consider themselves to be authorities on this subject) they started to talk about the same places that we've tried in New York and they said they weren't good, either!!! So, it's not me....and it's pretty ironic that MY cupcakes went into the city....I guess to make up for the cupcakes that I took home and threw away!!!(and paid an arm and a leg for them!!!) Too funny!!! Hope they made the trip OK!!!

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