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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I hope we are helping...

        Big baking day, again, today...I don't think I've ever sold out of chocolate chip cookies that fast!!! I've got alot to do tomorrow, too. We have black raspberries growing on the fence in front of the orchard...I think I'm going to make some tarts with them. I need to get up early(er) and pick them before we leave for work. I didn't think I'd get any...expected the birds to get them first!! There are quite a few on the canes...I'll let you know how the tarts turned out!! One of my customers, who just lost her husband, came in for lunch. I feel so badly for her. I wish there were more that I could do to help. SO many of our customers are like family...it's hard to see them go through tough times. I think it helps when they get out with friends...so I guess we are helping in our own way. I'm going to go and watch my bluebird couple a little bit before it gets dark!!!

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