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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jingle Bells???

 My Grandson turned 4 months old, today! It's hard to believe it was 4 months ago, already!! We got to spend quite a bit of time at the hospital, right after he was born, because we were in the middle of a snowstorm...and it was pointless to be open...so we went to the hospital and spent time with him. Today...4 months later, it was hot as blazes!!Remarkable!... We are also marking another milestone, today...6 months ago you all were doing whatever it is you do on Christmas Eve!! 6 months ago...6 months to go!!! Crazy how time flies...just remember..it's never too early to start your Christmas shopping!!! It was a LONG, HOT day, I'm beat...and going to bed..night all!!!

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