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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just like Christmas...

We had a 8 boxes arrive from UPS today. Four of them were Byers' Choice Carolers. These are the rest of the new releases for the beginning of this year. It's like Christmas when they come in...literally!! There is a postman and a family with Victorian postcards, The first 10 of the 12 days of Christmas, The Salvation Army characters for this year, including the kettle! I also got the Pilgrims, some new snowmen and the horse...he's waiting for the headless horseman who should be along soon.... The Carolers are made right here in Pennsylvania, about an hour-ish away. The first time I saw them was at my MomMom's house. She was not easy to buy for...so my Aunt started her on a Byers' Choice collection. I always thought they were interesting, but I never went out and got any for myself. Then, one afternoon, we were flipping through the channels and came upon the PCN tour of the "factory". It was fascinating...and I was hooked! My husband and kids bought me a grandmother and 2 grandkids making Christmas cookies together. Then I collected the ones that had something to do with food. Now I have a pretty good collection myself, as well as selling them at Sweet Memories! I would love to get everyone to watch the tour of their "factory" and showroom....because then we could all be hooked!!! I always say they talk to you...we had a lady in a little while ago. She said she started her sister's collection and gave them as gifts...but didn't collect them herself...until she saw a little girl upstairs in the gift shop...who "talked" to her!!! If you don't know about the Carolers, make a point of learning...then come see all the ones we have...A Gardener, A Fireman, A Fisherman, A Bride and Groom, A Man Cooking a Hotdog, A Lifegaurd, 4 different Chefs, A Lady and Kids with Strawberries and Christmas Characters that just make you happy...they really are awesome...and they really do talk to you!!!! Come see for yourself!!!

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